CEO Talk Talk




It feels pleasantly refreshing to have a cup of fresh coffee

just brewed in the morning that boosts your senses
and helps you start afresh a new day.

It tastes just so strong but yet sweet
when you sip your hot chocolate
in a cold day during the winter.

These brief and ordinary moments
of happiness make you feel like that
the real happiness is not far away and always around us.

Always reminded of the name “Saenam”,
which means “fly anew”,
TACO will always be around with renewed passion everyday for our customers.
As we have done so far,
we will keep striving to become better for our customers.

In our daily routine of modern day,
we vow to offer you one tasty and healthy cup of drink
so that you can enjoy small happiness in your life.


Thank you.



SAENAM F&B co. CEO   Young-A Kim