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We can now boast a Korean-style Taco too in Korea!


We can now boast a Korean-style Taco too in Korea!
What first comes onto your mind when you hear the word “Taco”?
Probably a traditional Mexican dish or Japanese-style Taco you had some time.
But did you know we also have “Taco” in our daily lives in Korea and in Korea’s coffee market?

‘TACO', an acronym for ‘Tea & Coffee', was launched in 2007 under the slogan of premium powder for baristas and this original brand celebrates its 10th anniversary, representing the powdered beverage from Saenam F&B Co., Ltd.

We vowed to keep three important values when we first celebrated our birthday.
It is to maintain Freshness, Uniqueness and Trust.
TACO took its first baby step with “blueberry latte” combining fruits in the beverages sold in cafes in 2007, and launched new products annually that accommodate baristas around the world.

We are making efforts to engage baristas, who are the key players in the café beverage market, including development of manuals, applications for cafes and production of joint newsletters.

It has been ten years since we made that first vow.
Just like TACO’s powdered products are no longer hidden small particles but more prominent ingredients, we are emerging and rising to become a brand that goes beyond our border.

But, still, we will never forget the first passion that we had for TACO brand.
We strive to become a leading food and beverages company, setting the trend in the industry.
We will let the world know of our brand TACO.


'Healthy and Tasty TACO!!'